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Director, Producer, Editor, Writer,

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John “Mac” MacDonnell, is a Producer, Director, Writer, and Editor with 14 years professional experience in entertainment. Based in Los Angeles, John has worked in Television on award-winning shows as a Producer and Editor for networks including CBS, NBC, The CW, Discovery, History, A&E, Netflix and many more. He has also worked on documentaries and commercial projects.

In addition to his work in television, he has continued to keep his original passion alive by making horror films. In 2018, he filmed two 48 Hour Film shorts. In 2017, he filmed and sold a digital horror prank series he co-created.

He produced and co-directed short horror film Pink Sock, which gained the attention of horror mogul Lloyd Kaufman of Troma films and a cult audience following from around the world. John is also known for his quick wit and Mike Judge-vibe animated shorts such as Frontrunner, which won several festivals’ awards. He has also had success in selling his animated shorts.

John’s new goal is to take advantage of the changing industry and digital distribution landscape to produce quality, entertaining horror films.

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Horror films are my passion and I believe they are ever viable entertainment that consistently present endless business opportunities to those who understand content creation.

Ben Swicker is a writer and director of horror films based in Massachusetts. He has a great respect for the horror genre of the 70’s and 80’s, always striving to make his films in a similar vein.

In 2017, he wrote and directed The Dissolving Man, which played in several prominent festivals around the world including Boston Underground Film Festival, Frightening Ass Film Festival in TN, Vasteras Film Festival in Sweden, Dukefest Film Festival in London, Sick n' Wrong Fest in Orlando, FL, CIM Sueca Fest in Spain, and many others around the US.

In 2018, he wrote and directed A/S/L which received great success in Fantasia in Montreal, BIFAN in South Korea, CIM Sueca in Spain, Phenomena in Brazil, Puerto Rico Horror Fest, Boston Underground Film Fest where it received runner up for best New England Film, Mumbai Film Fest in India, as well as festivals in Australia, Mexico, Panama, Italy, Romania and all around the US.

A few years ago, Ben decided to shoot a ‘fake' trailer for a movie that didn't exist. This would become the genesis for Shook. It played at festivals around the world as a short film and won Best Short at Calgary Horror Con in Canada. After a very positive response to the trailer, he decided to turn it into a feature length film. He brought the project here to John MacDonnell and his company Razorville Development and it is now their latest venture.

Ben has an immense passion for filmmaking and films, especially horror. He has a great respect for the horror genre of the 70’s and 80’s. He always strives to make his films in a similar vein, utilizing the same styles and FX that made those films so beloved by millions.

Ben Swicker, Writer / Creator

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