Razorville Development is excited to announce we are officially in pre-production on our newest feature length horror film, Shook.

Shook is ready to bring horror fans more of what they are looking for - a fun ’80’s horror / slasher with a clean, clear concept packed with star cameo surprises all cult horror fans will know…

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Set in the ’80’s, when bullies were boss, Sam Shook’s life in high school is a daily nightmare. He is a quiet, nice guy who tries to stay out of the lime light. But a group of popular punks lead by head jerk, Todd Galvin, just won’t let him live in peace. On one fateful day, Todd and his pals Brian, Scott, and Mike all decide to gang up on Sam with the perfect scare prank…

Amy Brewster, the head cheerleader is convinced to help out Todd and his pack by being the cute, sweet distraction. As soon as Amy leads Sam into position by the old railroad, the group jumps out from the woods to scare the life out of Sam with a creepy mask of their own creation. But their mean prank takes a deadly turn… Scared and fighting against the bullies for his life, Sam takes a wrong step and plummets off the old railroad into the depths of the rocky river

They search everywhere for Sam, but he is nowhere to be found. Amy, horrified and guilt ridden to have been a part of this cruel plan wants to go to the authorities to tell them what happened. But the group intervene. Vowing to stick together, they make a pact to take the secret of Sam Shook’s death… to their grave.

As news of Sam’s disappearance spreads through town, his parents John and Mary Shook are completely devastated. They cannot fathom where their only child could have gone, or what could have happened. No one comes forward with any information so the police rule that Sam must have committed suicide and leaped to his death from the bridge.
Mary, unable to get over the loss of her only son, takes her own life leaving John to pick up the pieces alone.


The townspeople try everything they can to comfort or help him but no number of condolences are able to bring his family back. With an empty, broken home, John Shook snaps. He checks himself into a mental hospital and the town never speaks of Sam Shook or his family’s tragedies ever again.

BUT After a few years pass by, strange things begin to happen…

Now in their last year of high school, with Prom and Graduation Day near, members of the original pact begin to wonder if karma is out to get them as freak deaths, accidental or otherwise begin to happen. Could each of these mishaps really be a coincidence? Is Sam Shook back from the grave and looking to even the score?

One thing is for sure, each group member is shook to their core as they try to solve the mystery of who is after them and how they can escape their long overdue fate… before it’s too late.

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