Razorville Development is a small production company headed by John MacDonnell.
We focus on digital video content, horror shorts, horror feature films, and animation for adults.

About RaZoRviLLe

Razorville Development is all about fast, edgy video projects that can give a good scare. If it's loud and has a motor, we are into that, too. We are equipped for shooting digitally, with drones, and we have a talented animation team.


John MacDonnell, CEO, was born in Massachusetts and raised in Maine, which officially makes him a Maineiac-Masshole. He had plenty of spooky New England territory to explore and spark the imagination. He even took inspiration from a local town as the perfect name for this production company! After Maine, John moved to Los Angeles to break into the entertainment business. He has had a successful career as a Producer and Editor in Reality TV for 12 years and counting.


As a lifetime horror fan with impeccable memory and keen attention to detail, he takes pride in knowing what true fans of horror really enjoy from the medium. Some of his personal favorite films that made him love the genre include Phantasm, Halloween, Friday the 13th VI, and of course The Shining. The more over-the-top the thrills and kills are in the movie, the more fun it is.

Whether it is a short film or feature-length, Razorville Development strives to make memorable and profitable entertainment.

  • Concept Development

  • Writing

  • Producing

  • Directing

  • Traditional Filmography

  • Aerial Footage - FAA Certified Drone Pilot

  • Editing

  • Voice Over / Narration

    We also hire on additional, highly-experienced production and creative staff for utmost quality shorts, features, or animated content to cover any video desires needed on a per project basis.

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Due to several of our projects currently being pitched to Networks, we can only give brief samples and information on some of our work at this time.



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RaZoRviLLe Development

2629 Granada Street

Los Angeles, CA 90065

John MacDonnell
CEO - Director, Producer, Writer, Editor
John “Mac” MacDonnell, is a Producer, Director, Writer, and Editor with 14 years professional experience in entertainment.
Ben Swicker
Writer, Creator
Ben Swicker is a writer and director based in Massachusetts. He has a great respect for the horror genre of the 70’s and 80’s, always striving to make his films in a similar vein.

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